Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[Hyper Body] Festival Miden

Curator Silvio De Gracia

Curator partner: The UnifiedField

A new curatorial project of VIDEOPLAY.
7-9 July Kalamata, Greece

[Hyper Body] introduces a serie of video-performances where artists explore the most extremes possibilities of subversion and manipulation of the body. Through the use of the body in shocking and intense actions, these works reveal unexpected situations of psychological and physical tension. Most of the videos presented a body subjected to high stress states, involved in activities that require contortions, unusual movements, effort and resistance. The extreme body condition constructs images that impact and encourage the viewer to consider their own body under unusual emotional states that are beyond the field of their everyday experience. By manipulating the body in a hyper body dimension, artists can develop new forms of experimentation that articulate surreal approaches, absurd visions, and the crudest forms of a poetics of carnality. At the same time this type of work shed light on contrasting emotions that force the viewer to rethink their own emotions and thoughts in relation to extreme experiences of the body in the context of performance art. Silvio De Gracia

Selected artists

Angélica Chio [México] "Illusion" Marta Moreno Muñoz [Spain] "In Girum Imus Nocte"
Baggenstos-Rudolf [Switzerland] "Balloons" Suka Off [Poland] "XY Sex" Nerea Martínez de Lecea [Wales] "Untitled" * Bean [UK] "Sometimes I Feel Like A Pitbull Terrier" * Martha Atienza [Philippines] "Habagat" * Jennifer Campbell [Canada] "Point No Point" *

* Curated by The UnifiedField