Thursday, March 17, 2011

Argentinian Dreamers

Curated by Silvio De Gracia

Kharkiv - 19 March
Kharkiv City Art Gallery, Ukraine
Silvio De Gracia participates as guest curator in CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context - Cologne International Videoart Festival

Argentinian dreamers
This curatorial project tries to show a minimal and partial portion of the video scene in Argentina. The selection reveals and panorama that is strongly marked by a hibrid tendency, where the genres are mixed or confuses, with an intense presence of human action and performative elements, including ludic approaches, caustic irony and even extremes experiences of body art. The discourse of a body that operates and transmits the rawness and reality of his flesh and presence is very relevant, much more so than abstraction or experimental exercises with the medium. Bodies are testimonies. They live and dream and speak of the passage of time, life, death, and the fragility.
Argentinian dreamers exposes much more than simple video art. The medium is intensely questioned from the inside of bodies dreamers.
Silvio De Gracia

Selected artists:
Gustavo Galuppo / Marcela Rivera / Gabriela Alonso / La Naríz en la Taza / Ricardo Rojstaczer / Silvio De Gracia /

Monday, March 14, 2011

More than Bodies

[ Visual TV Container ]
Transvideoplay / Argentina
Curator: Silvio De Gracia

1 March - 4 April 2011
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MORE THAN BODIES includes video performances and other works which, though not clearly framed within the category f action art, reflect a deep anchorage in the performance sphere. It is an attempt to reveal the presence of the body that is trapped and mediatized by video technology or else, to highlight the no-presence of a body that become virtual and electronic. It's an exciting body discourse, but this time the body has ceased to be an object-means to become a mediatized object. More than bodies refers to new bodies in a new intensely ghostly and dissolving presence. Silvio De Gracia

Selected artist:
Suka Off (Poland) / Eva Drangsholt (Norway) / Kim Youn Hoan (South Korea) / Guillermina Buzio (Argentina-Canada) / Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) / Tulio Restrepo (Colombia) / Igor Bosnjak (Servia) / Marta Moreño Muñoz (Spain)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Interview Visual TV Container

Argentinian independent curator
Curator: Giorgio Fedelli
1 March - 4 April 2011
Only on VisualcontianerTV
Together with the video selection MORE THAN BODIES from TRANSVIDEOPLAY International videoart festival (Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina), VisualContainerTV presents an interview to his curator Silvio De Gracia, an Argentinian artist and founder of several videoart festivals in Buenos Aires and all over the world.
Silvio here introduces to the video production in Argentina and explains about the current and prospective features of videoart. In particular, he focuses on the concept of "interferencia" and disturbing performance in urban environments and underlines the role of video distribution as a crucial step for the development of videoart in Argentina and beyond.
Curated by Giorgio Fedeli, this interview is the first step of a project involving exclusive interviews to international videoart curators and critics with the wish to inform about the most interesting and possibly unknown video experiences from the origin to the very contemporary days.
Interview produced by: VisualContainerTV in collaboration with Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor.
Curated by: Giorgio Fedeli . Organization and editing: Alessandra Arno.
All right reserved VisualContainerTV 2011