Monday, March 14, 2011

More than Bodies

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Transvideoplay / Argentina
Curator: Silvio De Gracia

1 March - 4 April 2011
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MORE THAN BODIES includes video performances and other works which, though not clearly framed within the category f action art, reflect a deep anchorage in the performance sphere. It is an attempt to reveal the presence of the body that is trapped and mediatized by video technology or else, to highlight the no-presence of a body that become virtual and electronic. It's an exciting body discourse, but this time the body has ceased to be an object-means to become a mediatized object. More than bodies refers to new bodies in a new intensely ghostly and dissolving presence. Silvio De Gracia

Selected artist:
Suka Off (Poland) / Eva Drangsholt (Norway) / Kim Youn Hoan (South Korea) / Guillermina Buzio (Argentina-Canada) / Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) / Tulio Restrepo (Colombia) / Igor Bosnjak (Servia) / Marta Moreño Muñoz (Spain)