Monday, February 28, 2011

Urban Disturbance [.BOX]

Curator: Silvio De Gracia, Argentina
1 to 21 March 2011
Vernissage 1 and 2 March from 19:00 to 21
Tuesday, March 1st at 19:00 [.BOX] Video Art Project Space presents the exhibit Urban Disturbance video, directed by Silvio De Gracia, curator and founder of the several video art festivals in Buenos Aires and around the world.
In this review, [.BOX] proposes an approach to the performance through actions in public spaces, with predominantly destructive intent or conflict. These works are strategies and actions that demonstrate the evolution of urban art.
Among the videos is proposed in this work "Quien puede borrar las huellas" (Who can erase the traces) of Regina José Galindo, Golden Lion (artist under 35) at the 51st. Venice Biennale.
Urban Disturbance
is pure poetic subversion aimed at the demolition of rationality and standardization of urban and social behavior. It is an opportunity to see the "undisciplined body", the body does not function to the rule, the body that deals with rebel predictability, trying to cross with micro-destabilizing events, unexpected, strange, new paths, or cracks to open further bewilderment in the logic of urban territories. It's a disorder embodied in an artistic process, ephemeral, contingent, and repetitive. Disorder gaps through strategies that make us see the new boundaries and work to break the boundaries between the space of "reality" abd the size metaphorical art. Silvio De Gracia
Urban Disturbance [Selected Artists]
Marta Moreno Muñoz (Spain) / Regina José Galindo (Guatemala) / Eva Drangsholt (Norway) / OASIS Project (South Korea) / Richard Martel (Canada) / Yingmei Duan (China) / Michela Pozzi (Italy)
[.BOX] Via Confalonieri 11. Milano, Italy